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Manage Your Credit Card

Your Visa Card is now protected by Verified by Visa. Verified by Visa password protects your card for free while you shop on-line. The next time you shop at participating on-line stores, you'll see some new screens. Enter the information requested to activate your card in order to complete your transaction. It only takes a moment, and then your card will have password protection whenever you shop on-line. Shop online with greater security at participating stores listed at

Click here  to access to your Kinderhook Bank credit card accounts. You will be taken immediately to a secure site where you will find the following menu selections:

Account Summary

  • Available credit
  • Account Balance
  • Credit Limit
  • Minimum Payment
  • Payment due date
  • Last payment amount
  • Transactions since last statement
  • Downloadable to financial software

Statement Features

  • Printable features
  • Download to financial software
  • Up to 18 months past statements
  • Dispute transaction
  • Online bill payment

Statement Summary

  • Closing date
  • Account balance
  • Minimum payment
  • Past due amount
  • Payment due date
  • Transaction detail
  • APR
  • Overlimit and fees
  • Previous balance
  • Purchases
  • Cash advances
  • Credits
  • Payments
  • Insurance
  • Finance Charges

E-mail Alerts

  • Credit limit reached/exceeded
  • New statement available
  • Balance within $X of credit limit
  • Balance exceeds $X
  • Balance drops below $X
  • Payment item posted to account
  • Credit item posted to account
  • Posted item exceed $X
  • Personal or special occasions

Expense Reports

  • Full expense report by category
  • Top ten most expensive purchases
  • Top ten merchants with most expenditures
  • Summary or chart format