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Premier Messenger - Alert Management

Alerts can be managed through your Online Banking account. Simply login and follow the instructions below to create, edit, and delete your account alerts.  If you have any difficulty or need assistance, please contact any Account Representative - we would be happy to help you!

Add an Alert

First, sign in to your Online Banking account. Then select the account from the “Account List” that you would like to setup an alert for.  You will then see the “Messages” box for Premier Messenger. Click the ‘New’ link next to the applicable account which you would like to setup an alert to start the setup. You will need to know which alert you want to establish, what account you wish to establish the alert on, the frequency in which you want the alert to recur, and the email or mobile phone email address you wish to have the alert delivered.

When you click the ‘New’ link, Online Banking will walk you through each step and once the alert is complete, you will receive a confirmation. Once the alert setup is complete - click the ‘Accounts’ button to return to the main menu. Please note that for certain alerts you can select the increments by either hours or minutes, you can choose from 10 minutes to 1,440 minutes or 1-24 hours. If you wish to receive your alert via text message - you will enter your mobile phone’s text address into the email field.  (Example: and you must also select an alert that specifies “Text”.  See “Text Message Setup” page for additional information.

If you are unsure of this address - please contact your service provider. It is also suggested that you ask your service provider about any fees they may charge you for text messages.

Delete an Alert

While logged in to Online Banking, you will see the Messages option box for Premier Messenger. By clicking the account type link, you will be able to delete or view all of your alerts.

To delete an alert, click the delete button to the right of the alert.