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Premier Messenger - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use Premier Messenger?
No. Premier Messenger is just another free service that Kinderhook Bank offers for your convenience and unique financial needs.

Will it work with any type of account?
Premier Messenger is currently set up for Checking, Savings, Certificates, and Loan accounts. If you have a special request, please contact your local branch.

Are there any charges for using Premier Messenger?
Kinderhook Bank does not charge a fee for using Premier Messenger. However, you will need to check with your cell phone service provider for any fees the provider may charge associated with receiving emails or text messages.

How do I sign up for Premier Messenger?
Premier Messenger will be available through eCom Online Banking, which is also a free service - contact any Customer Service Representative to sign up today!

Can I delete the alerts if I no longer want to use Messenger?
Yes. You can delete the alerts online or by visiting any branch representative.

Can I edit the alert once it has been set up?
No. The system doesn’t allow for edits at this time.  If you need to change an alert, delete that alert and create a new alert.

Can I select specific accounts that I want to receive alerts on?
Yes. Each Premier Messenger alert is set up per account. For security purposes, you must be a signer on the account in order to establish an alert.

What if I need help establishing an alert?
Please contact us! Any Customer Service Representative will be able to help you set up an alert and answer any questions you may have.

How many alerts can I set up at once?
Premier Messenger only allows you to set up one alert at a time. However, you are able to set up as many alerts per account as you wish.

How often will I receive the alerts?
You will establish this setting when you set up the alert. Premier Messenger allows a minimum of once every ten minutes or once an hour depending on the alert you wish to setup. If you wish to be notified only once a day, simply set this option to “24 Hours”.  For transactions that allow a per minute setting, we recommend 10 minutes.

Can I send the alert to more than one email address?
Yes. You can set up multiple alerts - each with a different email address.

What if I am a business customer?
Premier Messenger is currently unavailable through eCorp online banking.

Why do I receive duplicate alerts for debit card transactions?
You may receive an additional notification when your transaction is authorized at the point of sale as well as when the transaction is received by the bank for posting.