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Money Market Savings Account

Earn a great rate and still have access to your money!

Features include:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • $25,000 minimum to open and avoid monthly fee
  • Interest compounded daily and credited monthly

*During any month, per Federal Regulations, you may not make more than six(6) withdrawals or transfers to another account of yours or to a third party by means of a preauthorized or automatic transfer or telephone order of instruction, computer transfer or by check, draft, debit card or similar order to a third party. If you exceed the transfer limitations for this account in any statement period, your account will be assessed an excess transaction fee per item and your account will be subject to closure.


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Statement Savings Account

Opening a savings account is a great way to earn money on your investments. This account is compatible with Online banking, TeleBank, and has direct deposit and electronic debit capabilities.

Statement savings account features:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • $100 minimum to open and avoid monthly fee
  • Interest is compounded daily and credited monthly


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Certificates of Deposit and Individual Retirement Accounts

Kinderhook Bank offers a wide variety of CD's and IRA's that combine a great rate and the security of FDIC insurance. Traditional, Roth and Educational IRA's are all available.

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Health Savings Accounts...How you can save!

When you open a Kinderhook Bank HSA, you will have a tax-advantaged way to help offset current out-of-pocket medical expenses.  Contributions to your account may be tax-deductible on your federal income tax return and, in most cases, on your state income tax return (consult with your personal tax and legal advisors).  You can pay for qualified medical expenses with tax-free withdrawals.  Unlike Flexible Spending Accounts, your HSA has no “use it or lose it” requirement.

Your employer may offer a payroll deduction option to help you make contributions on a tax-free basis through your employer’s Cafeteria Plan.  In addition, your employer may also decide to contribute.

HSA Facts

  • HSA contributions may come from pre-tax income.
  • Withdrawals from your HSA are used to pay for qualified medical expenses.
  • HSA balances carry over from year to year, building savings for future medical needs over time.
  • Your accumulating HSA balance gains tax-free interest until retirement at age 65.
    You may withdraw funds upon retirement and pay only normal income taxes.
  • An HSA is owned by an individual, not a company or your employer. It does not terminate
    when employment ends. It is yours.
  • HSA funds can eventually be used to pay for elder care or long-term care. You can even use
    HSA funds to purchase long-term care insurance, tax-free.

HSA News

Health Care Reform and Health Savings Accounts
On March 24, 2010 President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) into law. This healthcare reform bill made few changes to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), but there are some provisions that you should be aware of.  Visit for IRS rules, instructions, what's new, qualified medical expenses, contributions, distributions, balances, forms and more!

Health Savings Account FAQs


The Kinderhook Bank Kid$kash account grows with your child

Whether you have a toddler, middle school student, or teen, Kid$kash will help! It’s never too early to learn about money management and saving for the future. Open a Kid$kash account for your child or grandchild, niece or nephew and make building savings a family goal!

When you open a Kid$kash account, you earn a higher interest rate on the first $1,000 deposited and earn the statement savings APY on balances over $1,000. And, your child receives a savings register to record deposits and a free backpack!

Get started teaching your child to save for the future with a Kid$kash savings account at Kinderhook Bank today!

*Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are as of 6/1/19 and are subject to change at any time. First $1,000 deposited earns 3.00%APY. Balances over $1,000 earn the current posted statement savings APY. Minimum balance to open account is $5.00. May not substitute cash for gift. Account will be opened as a Uniform Transfer to Minors Act account. One account and gift per child while supplies last.