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Debit, ATM, and Credit Cards

Debit / ATM Cards

Tired of writing checks? At Kinderhook Bank we offer you the convenient solution of a Debit/ATM card with surcharge-free access when using your Debit/ATM card at automated teller machines, and wherever Visa® is accepted. Whether you are making purchases at the supermarket or at the mall, your Kinderhook Bank Debit/ATM card is as convenient as a credit card but withdraws the purchase amount directly from your Kinderhook Bank checking account. Not only do you have the convenience of not having to carry checks, but Kinderhook Bank does not charge a monthly or annual fee for your Debit/ATM card. So, the next time you go shopping, out to eat or take a vacation, simplify your life and take your Debit/ATM card with you!

Credit Cards

The Benefits are Tremendous
Credit cards offer great advantages and conveniences....they eliminate the need to carry lots of cash or even a checkbook and they are widely accepted for payment of all kinds of goods and services. They are key to internet, catalog and telephone shopping and can give you the option of a cash advance when you're running short, no matter where you are! Credit Cards can be your access card to ATMs all over the world. They even provide a means of disputing charges from merchants that you believe to be incorrect. Credit cards have become an essential component in the commerce of our society, and we're proud to offer them as part of our banking services.

Too Much of a Good Thing Can Cause Problems
Like almost anything in life, the benefits of credit cards can be wiped out by misusing them. We've all heard of people who use their credit cards inappropriately, by charging excessively, and accumulating more debt than they can handle. It seems to be especially easy for young people just starting out to use credit cards as an easy way to live beyond their means, although there are people at all stages of life who can get into the same trouble. The easy traps are having multiple cards and using them all, charging up to your credit limit and then finding that even the minimum payments, when added together, are beyond your financial reach each month. Some people compound the problems by getting cash advances from one credit card to make minimum payments on all of the other cards. Pretty soon the problems spiral and people find themselves in real financial jeopardy. Don't let this happen to you!

What Should You Do?
Use your credit card responsibly. Make them part of your financial planning and budgeting each month. Figure out what level of credit card debt you can handle, and don't exceed it. Your credit card may show a higher available credit line than is safe for you when added to your other financial obligations. Set your own total credit limit and don't go beyond it. Keep track of your credit card expenditures like you record the checks that you write. Remember that making minimum payments will make it difficult for you to reduce the principal portion of your debt. Limit the number of cards you actually use. It is better to consolidate your charges on one or two cards so that you don't lose track of the total amount you are charging.

Teach Your Children Well 
Many of you have teenagers who will be going off to college or out on their own within the next few years. It may be convenient for you to give them a card of their own to use for expenses, and also, they may be solicited independently for credit cards that you know nothing about. The proper use of credit cards is an important lesson for you to teach your children, and it can't really be done in a short conversation before they get their first card. Many parents have found success by giving teenagers still at home limited use of a credit card, setting a definite limit for expenditures and reviewing the monthly statement and each item listed for at least several months before they are left to handle their own finances. This gives a perfect opportunity for them to get the whole picture; to see how interest accumulates, and balances carry forward. It also provides a chance to explain things like charges, grace periods, minimum payments, and credit ratings. This monthly review would be a good idea, even if you don't give the child access to a card. It will still provide an opportunity for you to discuss the proper tools of financial responsibility.

Make Credit Work for You 
Credit cards have become part of how we live and it's difficult to imagine our society without them. Make sure that you take full advantage of the security, benefits and convenience they afford, but take positive steps to avoid the common problems that follow when they are misused. If you have any questions on credit cards, please stop in and visit with any of our account representatives or call 518.758.7101and ask for the credit card department.

Verified by VISA®

Your Visa® Card is now protected by Verified by Visa®. A Verified by Visa password protects your card for free while you shop on-line. The next time you shop at participating on-line stores, you'll see some new screens. Enter the information requested to activate your card in order to complete your transaction. It only takes a moment, and then your card will have password protection whenever you shop on-line. Shop online with greater security at participating stores listed at

Click here  to access to your Kinderhook Bank credit card accounts. You will be taken immediately to a secure site where you will find the following menu selections:

Account Summary

  • Available credit
  • Account balance
  • Credit limit
  • Minimum payment
  • Payment due date
  • Last payment amount
  • Transactions since last statement
  • Downloadable to financial software

Statement Features

  • Printable features
  • Download to financial software
  • Up to 18 months past statements
  • Dispute transaction
  • Online bill payment

Statement Summary

  • Closing date
  • Account balance
  • Minimum payment
  • Past due amount
  • Payment due date
  • Transaction detail
  • APR
  • Overlimit and fees
  • Previous balance
  • Purchases
  • Cash advances
  • Credits
  • Payments
  • Insurance
  • Finance Charges

E-mail Alerts

  • Credit limit reached/exceeded
  • New statement available
  • Balance within $X of credit limit
  • Balance exceeds $X
  • Balance drops below $X
  • Payment item posted to account
  • Credit item posted to account
  • Posted item exceeds $X
  • Personal or special occasions

Expense Reports

  • Full expense report by category
  • Top ten most expensive purchases
  • Top ten merchants with most expenditures
  • Summary or chart format